Monday, July 27, 2009

Browsing the Web..

This shoe is Nicholas Kirkwood..runs for about $1285..I love, love, love this shoe..reminds me of a newspaper clipping! But the suede back, and brown marble heel is perfect for such a bold tones it down, and evens it out to make it wearable...instead of looking so Avant Garde...but the platform looks scary..LOL

Sweater by Meadham Kirchhoff, $1181. Different, like the pattens, but the unevenness(is that even a word, LOL) is kinda weird..but would look sexy paired with a dark denim jean, and a pair of Polo boots!! Don't you agree????

Headband made by Jennifer Behr. Don't know how much it runs for. But I love it! I think it would look dope with my short haircut.. my friends think its too punk rockish, and I agree it does give punk rock, Gothic girl! But if your versatile with your style, you can pull just about anything off. Including this boldly studded headband! Love this photo...5 Stars from me!

This shoe is so sexy, and I think the part that makes it stand out is not its stacked heel, tasseled zipper in the back, suede and leather texture combination, or its gold platform...but the red little trim at the bottom of that gold platform is what makes it pop!!! That's what I see first when I see this shoe! Am I weird for that? I don't think so..just have a super EYE... shoe made by Charlotte Olympia, $1200

Rihanna...LOVE HER...Elle asks: Are her 20 pounds of Pearls too much with the bold makeup, lace elbow length sleeves, and high Mohawk(in which the British press nick-named a "quiff")?? I don't think its too much at all...I think bold is what she was going for, and she accomplished it! Everyone can't do this! I love this outfit, and would totally rock that Alexander McQueen jumpsuit any day! Keep this up Rihanna..or should I say Rihanna's stylist?? LOL, good job!

More of this coming soon...
xoxo Role Model xoxo

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