Friday, July 24, 2009


Heeyyyyyyyyyyy...thats me ^^^^^ LOL...Okay soo, I'm very new to this blogging thing!! But I'm definetely going to do my best to get my blogging poppin!! You won't want to stop reading me!! So for now...just a little about myself.

Im Kelli, and I eat, breathe, and live fashion. I am an aspiring Fashion Stylist who doesn't know where to start! But im on my grind from now on, so I'll eventually find my way, with or without help. Since I was 11 years old, this is all I wanted to do. So im taking measures to broaden my horizons in this ohh so vain world of fashion. It'll be hard, but too much fun! So I'm excited, and ready to do what I have to do! So follow my blog! My life! My journey! To a world where the coward, and cowardess will never go! Watch as I photograph the trend-setters, and trend-followers. Street Chic fashion, etc. Anything you want to know, see, or speak about, let me know, and I'll speak on it! ENJOY!!! Smooches.

FASHION QUOTE OF THE DAY: "What a strange power there is in clothing" Issac Bashevis Singer
xoxo Role Model xoxo

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